Sunday Selfie’s Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi (Furry)furriends💗

Finally the weather is calm again…

after yesterday’s…and earlier storms…

but we had to support the plants

who all fell down to one side….

including my nip…

not that I had a purroblem with that…

look what it brought in…

a basket full of delight😸

and I haven’t nipped on it at all…



my eyes are wide open…

wide enough to do my


I just don’t know why they’re so heavy…

I really have to keep them open…

as I have more to do in here…

just give me a sec…

will be right back…

there we go…

with wide open eyes

I purrnounce

that we have received

from my furriend


Thank you so much NewBlogger20 for nominating me

for the recognition of this Award…

I truly feel very honoured

even if I already have received it a few times

in different styles…

I always love to receive it again…

to purresent purroudly on my bloggie…

What’s next?

Ah…yes…the questions I have to answer…

Now don’t leave…

you have the whole long weekend😉

1.How far has your blog come from what you expected it to be when you created it?

Almost eight years ago we started this blog and we really didn’t expect anything

and had no idea of what to expect anyway…

This was a complete new world for us…

just wanted to make picture stories, because every picture has something to tell…

and usually Granny used her photo-albums to write it down…

but since the world got crazy automated she followed the hype…

at least in a way…

We’re still working on the creation…blogging is a lifetime purractice/creation

just like everything in life is…😸

2.Favourite blog? (Leave link)

We have a lot of favourite blogs, to much to mention 😉

3. Regret? (In Life)

Only for the things we haven’t done yet, but, hey…we still have time😺

4.Things you wish you had done differently? (In Life)

Granny says if she had known what she knows now

then she would certainly opt for an easier life…

she lived to long from the head instead of the heart

and that was very hard sometimes

not only mentally but also physically…

I purrsonally don’t have a purroblem with anything

I am myself in every situation…

living completely from my own impawtancy…

doing the things that I want to do and when I want to do them…

take every situation as it is

and am satisfied with every minute of my life…

so actually I won’t have done anything differently…

🤔maybe with that froggie that lived in our garden

in the other house…

but only because Granny was so sad when she saw him…

…OMC there she goes again…

Next Question…

5.If you had to choose between getting a cat and getting a dog, which would you choose?

You guess…😸

but only when we don’t have to chose between a cat and a dog, then it would be for sure

a cat AND a dog…

6. Favourite colour?


in fact we like all colours and it is totally dependent on the mood we’re in

or which colour we need that day…

no more black tho…

7. Favourite food?


8. Person who has helped you a lot in your blogging journey? (Leave link if it’s a blogger, and if not, just thank them here or in person!)

Not one in particular, but they have all helped us in a certain way…

some give and gave us advice when we asked for…

some helped us to get more followers by giving us an Award in the beginning…

we get inspired by all the blogfurriends we have…

the most we have from almost the beginning

and I’m very purroud of that…

9. If you got offered £2000, would you stop blogging?


we only stop blogging when we don’t want to anymore…

10. Favourite film?

Puss in boots…

Dolphins or Sharks?

Dolphins and Flipper….

Are you still with me?


then I can tell you

that you are ALL my nominees for the pawsome

and as rule breakers we are…

please use the questions above

that my furriend


has made for us…

and don’t forget to visit her site

to make new furriends…

she’s lovely…you’ll see…

just click on the badge to enter her world 😀

Okay okay…

because you insist…

but only one more time for now….

💗Have a wonderful Pentecost Sunday💗

– P A W K I S S E S-


Click on the badge

and feel like a


if only for one day…

E N J O Y ! ! 

The Pampering isn’t over yet

CAM02301Good Evening (Furry)friends,

Look what I we have …


….a Christmastree…



It’s not decorated yet…


but it stands,

and there’s still a little time

untill Christmas….


to make that tree mighty fine 🙂

What? No time to rest yet…


Well, then, let’s get started, Granny.


We have been nominated

for the

Sunshine Award

by our furriends




Isn’t that fantastic?

Thank you both


for bringing the sun into our lives…


The rules of the Sunshine Award are:

1) Use the logo above in the post.-done
2) Link to whoever nominated you.-done


3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself. –done

Okay, here we go:

1. I’m a very picky eater.

2. I only play with living creatures…ho, ho, ho, don’t say I’m cruel….

3. They call me Little Bitchy Binky sometimes,

because I don’t tolerate Strangers in my house.

4. I’m a sleep-a-holic. My hobby is sleeping.

5. I puke when I’m stressed out.

6. I’m a ladycat.

7.  When I roll over from one side to another,

they call me rolling stone– roll-herring…

8. I wake up Granny for a morning massage.

9. I like to be pampered.

10. I give daily excercise to Granny and Grandpa in the evening,

because I like to go in and out the house constantly…

while we don’t have a cat flap…MOL 😀


4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers

“who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”


1. Swami Zoe’s Yoga and Zen.

2. Penny of The Why about this.

3. Betty of Jesus is My Joy Ministries

4. UteSmile.

5. The other side of Ugly.

6. Meiro

7. Seyisandradavid.

8. The Seeker.

9. Catnipoflife.

10. Peace, love and Great Country Music


That doesn’t mean that I’m not inspired by


In fact everyone we follow

inspires us positively and creatively,

but I’m trying to follow the rules…. for a change 😉


Granny, there was one more rule…

You did what???


Well, in that case we skip the last rule…

we’re running out of time,

so we have no choice anyway 😉

So, please, dear nominees,

when you see your name,

please pick up the Award,

or  just accept the nomination/appreciation,

when you don’t do Awards…

You’ll get an EXTRA PAWKISS for that 😉

1Binky bedkat

Last, but definetely not least,

my new furryfriend Yelloz of FourCatPaw

nominated me us

for the Peaceful Award


and The Family Award…

Granny, our family is getting bigger and bigger,

so thanks Sister Yelloz  for

the miracle you brought to our blog...

No, Granny, change that into

‘you’re the miracle

that came to our blog.’

That sound more like me…us…



 We already have both the Awards,

look here for the Inner Peace Post

and here for the Family Post


we like to make the family bigger….


Draliman on life

Joanne of What’s on the menu List

4. Binky's bedshow

Hope you’ll come to pick up your Award(s),

that means, if you do awards,

if not, hope your happy with the nomination,

like we’re happy with you.

I’ll close my eyes now

for a minute…or so….

and after that

we come back….

with  part 3

of the Award issues.

– P A W K I S S –

We’re so lucky again

CAM00859 (2)

Hi everyone,

Do you have any idea how it feels

when other furries taking over

your place…


This is what I mean…

this guy’s name is Danger Stranger…

and he’s the cat of our neighbour..

taking over my our house,

my the sun

and my granny.

CAM00862 (2)

He might be taken over my blog

if I don’t watch out.

CAM00863 (2)

I can’t tell you about our news…


when that intruder lies in my way…

CAM00865 (2)

I have to be quiet…

before he wakes up

and follows me…


Phew.. that was easy..

CAM00867 (2)

Finally I can tell you our latest news,

without everbody’s listening…


We were very lucky again

by receiving a few Awards from our friend The Seeker


We don’t have sun in Holland,

it’s always raining cats and dogs…

and Strangers and… tears..

(I’m sorry,

Granny has to shed a tear because the

answers on this award I did together with Big Binky)

but by receiving this Award

our sun is shining too 🙂

Click HERE for our Sunny answers…


We have already eaten this Super Sweet Award

and left a part on the right side of our blog,

but if you want to see my answers

just click HERE.


And YES our family is getting bigger…

Look for the rules on the Family Award HERE.

Thank you again Seeker

for making us so happy 🙂


We have received another Award from Hope

and this one is very special to us too,

not only because we received it,

but also because we don’t have to do

anything for it,

just to share it

and thank Hope,  but only if we want to thank her..

and we want, so hereby

Thank you Hope for making us fantabulous…


and awesome…


Here are the rules for these Awards copied from the site: “for a variety of reasons there are those who choose not to accept or pass on awards.  For those who like the idea of having an award or two on their site, but aren’t up to the work involved or feel like they’ll somehow betray those they follow by narrowing a list down to just 10 – here’s two awards you are welcome to put on your site if I’ve followed you, Liked one of your posts or left a comment that included the link to this page.

You are also free to bestow these no-strings attached Awards to others as you see fit – these images are free to use as long as you and others don’t pretend they are your own.  If you wish to link back here, Fantabulous – but not required.”

P1030840So my (furry) friends

we hope you enjoy the Awards

and grap the ones you like.

We think you’re all fantabulous

and Awesome too,

but I have to nap a little now..

and YES, you can give me a rub on the belly..

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sunshine award

Look what we’ve got for our blog, a Sunshine Award 😀

We are so proud and happy to received this special award and granny was so happy that she made a leap for joy  🙂

We’re nominated bij Cats&Co, an amazing blog where you can learn everything you have to know about… about what, granny?… oh, I see, yes, about Cats. Dianda, the author, has two cats of her own, that must  be the reason she named her blog Cats&Dianda = Co, don’t you think so? 😉

Thank you so much, Dianda, for this Sunny award. It will get a place of honour on our blog, that’s for sure!

We’ll fill in the questions together, like we always do. Here we go Binky’s 🙂

1. Favorite number:

1 for Me, myself and I.

3 diners a day, keeps the appetite away!

11 the number of spirituality and to find out what’s behind the material world.

2. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Dirty Rainwater.

Whisky.. oh, sorry, non-alcoholic: catmilk and Relax tea.

Herbal tea.

3. Facebook or Twitter?




4. My passion:

Sleeping in the middle of the bed and getting grumpy if I have to move. So sleeping the bed is my passion, besides my granny 🙂

Definitely Grandma… *whispers* and hunting after the succulent young chickens, birdies, mice a.s.o. ;)’

The two overhead me, other cats and animals and of course my cowboy 😉

5. Favorite pattern:

Get up in the morning, together with Granny and the other fourfeet who doesn’t have a name, and get outside just to sit there and look and then go back into the house to eat and went outside again to inspect my surroundings for a few hours. After that I get home to take a long nap.

Rise and shine with Granny and the Bitchy Little Binky, sing  the highest tone deep out of my throat and don’t stop untill she gives me my food. After that I wash myself properly and *whispers: going to hunt on something* take a walk. I’ll be back in the afternoon and install myself on grandpa’s couch if I don’t get any attention on my solo singing to get some food again, besides the dry food.

What pattern? I have to take care of The Binky’s and my cowboy in the morning, keep myself in shape, run the house, do the shopping, learn my lessons, update my English, cook the evening meal, wash the dishes, work on my blogs, answer my blogfriends, twirl with the cats and trying to keep my eyes open and not falling asleep on my notebook.

6. Favorite day of the week:

Sunday, because my grandparents are both home.

Sunday, dito.

Sunday, because there’s nothing to hurry.

7. Favorite flower:


Passion flower.


That’s it folks. Now we have to pass our Sunshine Award to some other lovely blogs and I hope they will accept it and have as much fun as we had by filling in the questions. These are our nominations for The Sunshine Award:

Alex’s journey out of autism, I want to pass the award symbolic to Lucy and her family to bring lots of sunshine into their lives, after a long time of uncertainty.

A Star on the Forehead


Cupcake speaks


Figments of a Dutchess

For the love of my dogs

Simply Charming


The instructions for the award are:

  • Link the award to the person who gave it to you.
  • Answer the questions that come with it.
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it.

The questions:

1. Favorite number:
2. Favorite Non-alcoholic drink:
3. Facebook or Twitter:
4. My Passion:
5. Favorite pattern:
6. Favorite Day of the Week:
7. Favorite flower:

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