Crawling little workers

sunpost.fixHi (furry)friends,

This week has been a very busy week

for us.

First we had unwanted introders

around the house


in the house…

in MY FOOD actually…only!

They’re little hard workers

and they were able to fly…

It was terrible,

but Granny asked them to leave

and stay out of the house…

and guess what,

they left….


well…just for a few days,

then they came back…

so Granny gave them coffee at first,

but they kind of liked it,

because they kept on working


*that must have been the caffeine, Granny*

A few days later she

put a lot of garlic in the holes

and all around the outside of the house…

*….imagine how that smells,

there won’t be coming any vamps

nearby our house anymore,

I guess no-one ever will be…..

believe me…*

Then the ants finally

moved on doing their stuff

and stayed out of the house.

So I guess that witchcraft

stinky garlic helped after all.


It’s to hot here now,

so it’s better to stay in my nest …

and tell you what’s happened next.


No, I better come down

to show you…

antfix1while I tell you…

antsfix2We also have

antfix4another population


in our garden…


and they live…


right here…


and under the boards…


I just can’t find them…


Oh, no,

they’ve hide inside the bucket…

antfix12Here they are..

just three of them…

but there are about 7 more..

antfix11well, they make you smile, don’t they?

But Granny asked Grandpa

to bring them to the ditch

nearby our house..

and Grandpa did,

but Granny told him that they’d be back,

because they were born here…

and the next day…


tadaaaa…the proof..

Granny said to Grandpa

that they’re allowed to stay…

they always will come back anyway,

and so we have

a nest of frogs in our garden too.

I think that’s cute,

they don’t harm you,

and you never know,

what Prince shows up.

I still have to convince Granny of it…


Oh, and last but not least…

look who’s back…


My hedgehog furriend


Doesn’t she look gorgeous 🙂


That’s it for now, my furriends,

It’s hot, but muggy weather,

with lots of clouds…

so tomorrow it will be

raining again.

Wishing you all



and see you soon 😉


– P A W K I S S E S –


Thanks to 123rf  for the photo of the ants.

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